Helping Your Business Build Success

Develop Your Path to Greatness

At Digital Media Asia, our business is helping your business succeed.  Our social media campaigns will set you apart from the competition.  


Founded by Han Han in 2016, our focus is on developing online communities for our customers.

Social Media

Digital MediAsia uses a variety of social media platforms to engage its clients’ audience in a way that promotes a positive brand image and integration of all marketing tools into cohesive messaging.

We set up, maintain and manage dozens of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts that are meaningful and successful.


We’ll get started by creating a six-month social media plan customized for your business. Together, we will map out a calendar of social medsia initiatives and promotions, along with gathering your content, photos and items that you want us to use on your social media.

Amazing Results

Digital Media Asia provides focused and targeted marketing efforts, which will produce measurable, positive results while being cost-effective and most efficient in spending.